Beyond The Island tv report

A YWAM Film about a story of hope, education and an awareness driven film called “Beyond the Island” premiered today for free at the Paradise Cinemas and will be showing also on the 14th and 15th of October.

This heartfelt story in collaboration with NGO, I Care 4 U, is about a woman called Sylvia John who had literally lived a life of hellish experiences but found a way out for the sake of her children.

Sylvia John, from Popondetta escapes secrecy surrounding HIV to say “No” and despite being enslaved, deprived of food and school as a child, she finds a way to overcome the stigma of HIV, and care for her children.

Rising above the rejection and abuse she suffers, she finds strength to voice her story of hope.

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The Wind & the Reckoning | Official Trailer

For love, for family, for freedom.

by John Fusco, starring Jason Scott Lee, Henry Ian Cusick, Lindsay Watson and Johnathon Schaech.

1893. The Hawaiian Kingdom has been overthrown by a Western power just as an outbreak of leprosy engulfs the tropical paradise. The new government orders all Native Hawaiians suspected of having the foreign disease banished permanently to a remote colony on the island of Moloka’i that is known as ‘the island of the living grave’. When a local cowboy named Ko’olau and his young son Kalei contract the dreaded disease, they refuse to allow their family to be separated, sparking an armed clash with brutal white island authorities that will make Ko’olau and his wife, Pi’ilani heroes for the ages.

Based on real-life historical events as told through the memoirs of Pi’ilani herself.

Directed by David L. Cunningham (To End All Wars) and written
by John Fusco (Young Guns, Thunderheart, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Hidalgo), with dialogue predominantly in the Native
Hawaiian language, The Wind and the Reckoning brings to cinematic life an inspiring story set against a dark
and painful period in Hawai’i’s history.
The Wind and the Reckoning stars Jason Scott Lee (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Jungle Book),
Lindsay Marie Anuhea Watson (Finding ‘Ohana, One Million Dolla), Henry Ian Cusick (“Lost,” “Scandal”),
Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do!, “Ray Donovan”), Kahiau Perreira, Hoku Pavao Jones, Mark
Medeiros (Go for Broke, “Magnum P.I.”) and Ron Yuan (“Sons of Anarchy,” Mulan). The producers are
Dale Johnson (The Lost City of Z, Pawn Sacrifice), Angela Laprete (“Hawaii Five-0,” Hanalei Bay) David L Cunningham and John Fusco. Co-producers
are Wainani Young Tomich (1st A.D. “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Magnum P.I.”),
Erika Hoveland (Anchor Baby) and Joel Angyal (Midori in Hawaii, The Heart of Man). Executive producers are
Lorenzo Clonfero, Noah Hamilton (Soul Surfer, The Tiger Rising) Peter M. Lenkov (“Magnum P.I.,”
“Hawaii Five-O”), Mike Frank, Nicolle Nietz, Annette Cama, Angelina Danielle Cama, Georgina Lightning

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Lost Kites | Full Movie

“I want to see what is the best way to help children without families – what is that?” Asked director, Samuel Rich. And so they set out on a 22 nation journey for two years, with a lean budget from crowd funding and donations from family and friends. Statistics appeared daunting at the start, 8-10 million children living in orphanages, and 100 million on the streets, but the more the team traveled, the more hope for family began to emerge. 70+ interviews with social workers, advocates, doctors, and authors revealed strategies that the team is now sharing with the world in their film.

Directors: Samuel Rich, Gabriella Fritz
Writer: Casey Walker … See more…Lost Kites | Full Movie

Wind & the Reckoning filmed amid pandemic

Caught in the middle of production during the height of the pandemic in 2020, the cast and crew of “The Wind and the Reckoning” adapted by sequestering away in a 50 acre ranch for an entire month. The production wrapped with zero coronavirus cases among the crew. Carter Evans has more.

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